2D animation / motion graphics

I started with 2D animation a very long time ago, when I was about 8 years old. I attended ŠAF Čakovec (Animated Film School) where I learned the principles of traditional on-paper animation, but most importantly I learned to look at motion from animator’s perspective. Our films received awards worldwide and you can see my favorite one here. Later on I started doing animation in digital form and recently I switched from Adobe Flash animation to Adobe After Effects – and It was a game changer for me. I made a couple of animations that could appeal to the market audience, simplistic and effective things that could be used for product advertising or used in mobile or web applications.

A project about video streaming in relation to environment. Narrated by me.

Explainer video.
Characters used in an AD – animated with puppet pins in After Effects.
Animated version of my hometown’s banner.
A selection of animations made for an mobile application onboarding process. This represents a few steps needed to set up the application, and they were accompanied by text in the app.
This is an animation that is used in a travel video. I’m very pleased with how it turned out!
Second part of the animation for the travel video.
I tried out some animation tools in After Effects, including masking and motion tracking. This is just an example animation not used in an actual project.
This is an animation that represents various states in communication between devices – all of this animation is also converted into .json files, so it can be embedded into apps and web without loading video files. Entirely original character and animation made from scratch.
Those animations were very fun to create. Those are actual physical backgrond stop-motion elements combined with digital 2D. The idea was that incoming spam calls that try to ruin moments of tranquility, but the app is helping to block those calls. Both were created in 16×9 and 9×16, sutable for both FB posts and IG stories.
I created this from scratch. I love the bounce of the shapes forming.
These two are made specifically with app advertisement in mind, I like how the 3D shape turned out.
And another similar one, but even more simplistic.