3D animation

Throughout the years I was learning to model and animate in 3D using software like Blender and 4D Cinema, but never got to a level of expertise I would be really satisfied with. 3D is really abstract and takes a lot of focus and patience to master. I did do a lot of shorter animations and hopefully will get a chance to put my skills to test and improve them.

This one was one of my first animations made in 4D Cinema. It was basically a physics and reflections test. I thinks it’s funny how the mosquito drops on the floor after it gets smacked.
The message behind this one is obvious – try not to catch a disease… or you might explode. This is what everyday life looks like to germophobic people.
I love how the bloodstream turned out.
This is sort of a warning film for future parents. The mother watches her angelic little kids and then the illusion breaks and she sees what is actually going on. I think it all looks kind of creepy. Characters were rigged for animation (faces and arms), that took some time and lots of adjusting to make right. This took about 3 days to make and could have been done a lot better.