As I started to work in a professional environment, I began to use my skills and knowledge to create marketing media content. I was working on several successful projects and I would like to specialize in animation and video editing in field of marketing.

A brochure made for a Steel processing company. 3D view available here.

Two of my designs for Jumbo ads.
An introduction video for a website. I tried myself in some voiceover for this. Made with only stock images and video.
Product ad, made for a web shop called FrostBlock. The illsutrations and animations are mine, video is free stock footage and music used is royalty free. I had no materials or the product itself so I improvised and basically created something from nothing. It is also done in different aspect ratios, suitable for using on all social media platforms.
This is an image that was accompanying the video adverts for the same product
Those animations were very fun to create. Those are actual physical backgrond stop-motion elements combined with digital 2D. RoboKiller is an app that blocks and counters spam calls. The idea was that incoming spam calls try to ruin moments of tranquility, but the app is helping to block those calls. Both were created in 16×9 and 9×16, sutable for both FB posts and IG stories.