Digital art

I used to draw a lot when I was younger, it was one of my favorite pastimes. I got a drawing tablet as a birthday present and started using it in MS Paint. Soon after I discovered Photoshop and quickly fell in love with all the possibilities of image manipulation. A week later there was a class photo with enlarged heads, professor’s face on Yoda’s head etc. It was very fun for me. That just might have been the turning point when I decided I want to do digital media for living.

This is an album cover for Najveribest. The graphics and logo were a modernised version of their first release which was only available on audio cassette. The Image of a jumping man was taken from a concert photo from the 90s.
A CD front cover for a band. I did the whole box design too, including booklet, inlays, the CD image etc. It represents a hope for a better tomorrow. The album will be out soon, I wonder how it will turn out!
Old man playing a trumpet
A swirly round thing
Turning to stone
A vicious circle