Early work – 2D animation

When I was still in primary school I attended ŠAF Čakovec, a school for animated film. Every year we would make a film, all drawn on paper, scanned and digitally colored. This one is my favorite. The idea for film and character design were mostly mine.

Back in 2013, in my high school years, I attended a national competition in the field of Audiovisual design. The competition was held annually and each year there would be a different theme for the participant’s submitted works. That year the common theme was fairy tales, so my partner and I decided to do a twist on a folklore legend from our county and combine it with well known fairy tales from the world. The legend states that underneath our city lies a dragon called Pozoj; his head is located under the old castle and his body spreads all the way to the church where the end of his tail is. We named the film A place for Pozoj, because after the dragon got lost during the storm he searched for a place for him to live and eventually found Čakovec, where his dragon family was waiting for him.

The whole thing was made in about two months, using Adobe Flash.