Logo design

Although I am experienced in vector design and illustration, I believe logo design is not my stronger side – but I made a couple of them throughout the years. I generally like how they turned out. And I keep ketting better at it!

This is a logo that appears on the album cover of a band called Najveribest
This logo was imagined as an animated logo, so that’s what I did. It was made for music project called SpaceShip.
This is a logo that I’m using for a small business that I own. The design itself is not mine, but I created the vectors that are the final product.
I’m currently using this one for myself.
This electronic music project is called Resistor Sound, so I used a resistor symbol for electrical engineering schemes.
This one I made for my father’s band Waitapu.
We had a music TV show in college, this was used as a watermark on the show
A couple of friends of mine and I started playing in a band together after a really long time. The band’s name, Mirko and the Snakes, was a joke name and no one remembers how and why we came up with it.
This is a business card and a logo made for a graphic designer from Slovenia