After finishing high school I applied to Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia because I was inspired to do so after attending a workshop that was hosted by some of Croatia’s best movie editors. I learned that there is one most important movie effect, better than any CGI or special effect – a well timed cut. I started noticing that in every movie I watched. Sometimes I would get lost in the plot because I was too focused on the editing aspect of the movie. Sadly, I wasn’t accepted in the academy, but I enrolled in Media Communications in Maribor, Slovenia. I used to edit reports for a festival, edited couple of interviews, intro for a show, a music video, I had a gaming YouTube channel and even shot a trash film! I love video editing as much as I love animation and I hope to do a lot more of it!

This is my recent work. The band sampled some speeches from this old documentary movie about an event that was held in a rural area in 1971. It was “the most modern show of our time” and included a village miss contest as well as folklore dancers and various musicians. It was a tough material to edit into a music video, but I’m satisfied how it turned out. I didn’t want to use any CG or anything like that, just left it as close to original as possible.
This is a How to video made in one afternoon. I combined the video with stop motion animation. I remember it was tricky because i forgot my camera tripod at home, so I duct taped a carton box and a plastic fork and used that as a camera stand. Worked like a charm.
An intro I made for out university music TV show. I like the dynamics, cuts used and how it feels wholesome even though it’s that short in duration.
This was a film I made back in high school. It is a trash film, a genre defined by ridiculous usage of special effects and sounds which are purposely made to be over the top and crazy. Its a zombie apocalypse movie of sorts, and it was very fun to shoot because it involved my family and friends (and even my cat Clarence). For what it is, it’s great. Or you could say it’s bad, which would also make it great.